Rick, Rusty, and Dawn Zachary, the owners of RDR Kennels, love animals. The owners of LOTS of pets over the years, both Rick and Dawn have worked professionally within the industry while dreaming about one day being able to open their own facility.

That dream became a reality in December, 2009 when they opened their beautiful, new 1,800 square foot kennel designed and built by Rick.

"Our whole focus," explains Rick, "Is to provide a real home for animals that can't be at their own homes with their owners. We love animals and the care of the pets entrusted to us is our TOP PRIORITY."

Dawn adds, "We try our very best to take care of these cats and dogs in the manner that we would want somebody to take care of ours . . . with love and respect."

How do they do this? By maximizing comfort and cleanliness (this is a kennel that DOESN"T smell like a kennel), minimilizing stress, and making sure that each pet gets lots of attention and appropriate exercise in the big dog or the small dog exercise yards.

"What it all comes down to," says Rick, "Is doing things the way they ought to be done . . . THAT'S what we try to do."

We Treat ALL Animals With Love & Respect!